County Executive wants Lynx to roam free in Brabant

Sunday, 27 May 2012

DEN BOSCH – If it is was up to county director Johan van den Hout, the otter, red deer, wild boar, the bison and lynx released into the wild.

The ‘Big Five’, as they are sometimes called make nature popular which creates large audiences.  They are also part of the ecosystem, so that managing nature becomes cheaper, said Van den Hout.In particular, the release of the lynx, will create a large discussion.  This large feline predator mainly runs wild in France, the Belgian Ardennes and Germany.   They are known for eating rabbits, deer and roe deer.The only lynx now in Brabant which you can view in captivity is the17-year-old Andy. He lives in ‘Dierenrijk’ (animal park) Nuenen. Animal attendant Jeroen Maastrigt of the ‘Dierenrijk’ is primarily an advocate of restoring the lynx to a natural habitat. “The lynx can provide a good, natural balance in the ecological system and will be complementary in some nature parks.  A lot of thought must be put into this decision,” According Van Maastrigt.The lynx is a predator but is not dangerous to humans. They are very shy and hunt mainly at night.  Maastrigt: “The chances of you ever come face to face with a lynx, is very small. Moreover, the animal is likely to be more scared of you and will immediately flee”.Source: Omroep Brabant

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