Brabant brewer Bavaria: 325.000 V-dresses ‘sold’

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

LIESHOUT- In recent weeks, Brabant brewer Bavaria has ‘sold’ approximately 325,000 so-called V-dresses.

‘The dresses are virtually sold-out’, said Director Peer Swinkels on Monday.The orange dresses were given away from end April onwards. Since then, there was a true run on the garment. Bavaria gave the dresses away with six bottles of beer. That the V-dress is so popular comes seemingly as a surprise to Swinkels. “Almost two weeks before the first Orange match. Help!” he twittered. Bavaria is trying to uphold a reputation when it comes to ‘illegal’ advertising stunts since the World Cup of 2010. Then the infamous Bavaria-dress, the ‘Dutch Dress, was world news. Recently a movie emerged with the Bavaria-dresses. With this video the brewer was in the news again. Source: Omroep Brabant

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