Infants corpse found in garbage bag in Liempde

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

LIEMPDE – The infants corpse which was found Sunday morning by a passerby in Liempde, laid in a garbage bag.

This was announced by the police on Monday. The garbage bag was found on the bank of the Dommel, underneath a viaduct of the A2. A woman from Liempde has already given her statement by the police. The woman was confronted Friday evening by a confused woman, who was searching for help after she’d “done something terrible”. This has been confirmed by the police.The police have as yet been unable to locate the confused woman and at this time are cannot say much about the case. “We would like to hear from the mother herself what the story is”, according to the police spokesman Dion Luijten. Regarding the gender and age of the baby the police will not release any information at this time. The police have no idea who the child’s parents are. Through leaflets which are being spread to residents and passerby’s the police hope to reach someone who has seen a suspect walking with the garbage bag or who can provide more details as to how long the garbage bag was laying in that location.  The police hinted that the infants corpse was not at the location for a long period of time.The police would like to answer the most important question in this investigation: Who is the mother of the deceased infant?Source: Omroep Brabant


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