Greenery Portrait of Vincent van Gogh in Nuenen

Tuesday 10 April, 2012
NUENEN – In Nuenen a one hectare large portrait of Vincent van Gogh will be planted. The portrait will consist of perennials, grass, wood chips, sand and summer spring barley.

Students from The Green Campus in Helmond will begin this week with the placement of the natural artwork. The portrait must be done by the end of May and will remain in place for four months. The location is the meadow on the corner of Broekdijk and Gerwensedijk in Nuenen.  The portrait is an idea in response to the Floriade, a world horticultural exposition which since last week is being held in Venlo. Furthermore the location where the portrait will be placed is for a Potato Festival, which Brabant in 2018 will be the Cultural Capital for.  Surrounding the portrait, sunflowers will be planted and there will be paths made so that visitors can walk in-between the flowers. You can follow the creation via or on Twitter (#vangoghbrabant) or on Facebook. Source: Omroep Brabant


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