Erdogan supporters celebrate in Eindhoven

People celebrate Erdogan victory at Woensel market Pic credit: Studio040

Hundreds of Turkish Dutch people celebrated Sunday evening on Kruisstraat and Woenselse Markt in Eindhoven. With many honking cars, Turkish flags and roaring motorbikes, they took to the streets to celebrate President Erdogan’s election victory.

On Sunday night, Erdogan won the presidential election again in a second round. The incumbent president received 52 per cent of the vote, compared to 48 per cent for opposition leader Kilicdaroglu. In the Netherlands, support for Erdogan was much higher, around 70 per cent.

The presidential election was more exciting now than during previous editions. Erdogan’s power was really at stake this time. He has been president since 2014. Turkish Dutch people in Eindhoven queued up to cast their votes this month.

Not only in Eindhoven did people take to the streets on Sunday night. Other cities across the country also saw plenty of people waving the Turkish flag.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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