Turn off Netflix and enjoy a movie at a local theatre

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Find out the cool spots where you can enjoy movies with English subtitles in Eindhoven.

The expat life is full of challenges. We must decode a whole new tax system, cultural do’s and don’ts and, for some, a new language. However, apart from the obvious obstacles, expats also run into smaller, unforeseen bumps on the road. A simple quest for fun in our homeland can become a frustrating experience in a foreign country: where can I watch a movie that I can actually follow?

Great cinema is made all over the world. From Bollywood to Europe, Hollywood to Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, the market is booming with interesting cinematic stories. A good chunk of those tales grace Eindhoven’s movie screens, but the vast majority are shown with Dutch subtitles. Unless you speak the film’s language or Dutch, attractive movie posters will come and go without you seeing the inside of a movie theatre.

English subs in Eindhoven

With anglophone movie lovers in mind, Eindhoven News researched all the cool movie spots. Here are three venues that cater to real film aficionados, going beyond the Hollywood standard menu movie cart – with English subtitles.

Natlab is located in the cool Strip-S area and used to be Philip’s Physics laboratory (Philips Natuurkundig Laboratorium, or Natlab). With a rich history,  the lab had a distinguished visitor in 1923: Albert Einstein! Nowadays it has a café, a restaurant and movie theatres with a vast selection of films. The cinema offers a variety of movie passes to make the experience budget-friendly.

Lab-1 sits in downtown Eindhoven and has a packed cultural agenda, serving as a movie theatre, club, event room and café-bar. The building was inaugurated back in 1978 by Eindhoven’s then-mayor. It was considered a step towards the future, being the first cinema with five screening rooms in town. Now renovated, it has movie theatres with room service during the film. All you have to do is press the buzzer to top up that drink!

De Zwarte doos is located at the TU/e campus and offers a wide range of movies and documentaries. The program is especially connected to the challenges and big questions in today’s world. The TU/e filmhuis also has a restaurant, various seating areas, a theatre and meeting rooms. Movies are shown every first three evenings of the week, starting at 8 PM.

Now it is up to you to turn off Netflix, hop on your bike and enjoy world-class movies on the big screen.


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