The Reading Pier

An exciting new initiative is coming to Eindhoven. We are getting it’s first English language library.

On this Sunday October 7th The Reading Pier will launch, offering an English language library with over 1,000 books on offer. The Reading Pier is working on cooperation with the Eindhoven Library Witte Dame and the English books will have a place in the main library with the other children books. The cooperation of both organizations provides a mutually beneficial arraignment for both them and the community.

 The books can be borrowed the same way as Dutch books thanks to the libraries willingness to take over the administrative functions of The Reading Pier and can be checked out with the same library card. The card is free for anyone under the age of 18 and can be requested at the libraries information desk. The books are be loaned for up to four ks.

Not only is this an amazing initiative for all English parents tired of spending fortune to get books shipped from overseas, but also for anyone (young or old) wanting to up their English proficiency.

The Reading Pier was founded last November by two moms who were tired of struggling to provide their kids with English books. Euying Tang-Ching and CT Lim, the two founders, started asking for donations when they founded The Reading Pier last November and soon had amassed over 1,000 books.

The Reading Pier also will be hosting an English story hour in the Library’s kid area on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 – 11:30. This is a free weekly event and is a great opportunity for kids to hear a great story and for parents to mingle with other parents. The library has a cafe with food and drinks so you can grab lunch or a cup of coffee the story while the kids continue to play.

There is always more space for books so if you would like to donate gently used books, The Reading Pier would be happy to have them.


For Eindhoven News: Melissa Birdwell

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