Brabant leads in the number of traffic fatalities in 2022

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Brabant is again the leader with respect to the number of fatalities in the Netherlands. In 2022, 140 people died in traffic accidents in Brabant, the highest among all provinces. That’s about fifty-five percent more than the 91 deaths in 2021. 

The number of fatal road victims has therefore increased by 49 compared to 2021, according to new data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Statistics Netherlands does not explain the increase.

For years, Brabant led the way with respect to the number of road deaths until 2021. In that year, for the first time in seven years, Brabant was no longer the province with the highest number of road fatalities. But unfortunately, we now have that title back.

The number of Brabant road deaths last year, at 140, is reminiscent of the figures for 2018 and 2019. Then there were 150 and 142 traffic fatalities, respectively.

‘Zero road casualties’

The province has been striving for zero road casualties for years. To achieve this, the province will continue to focus on behavioural change. Research by the province previously showed that a large proportion of fatalities in traffic were not wearing seat belts, driving too fast, under the influence of alcohol ot drugs, or distracted.

“Very sad numbers. We want everyone from Brabant to return home safely,” said Provincial Executive Stijn Smeulders of Mobility about the new CBS figures. “In the corona years, we saw a significant decrease in the number of road deaths in our province. There was also less traffic on the road during that period. We are now back at the level of 2019. Every road casualty is one too many. We have an ambition of zero road casualties.”

In doing so, the province is looking at safer roads, enforcement, and influencing the behaviour of road users. The latter remains the greatest challenge, realises Smeulders. “That takes time. I hope that campaigns such as Doortrappen, the MONO campaign, or Your Action will reach even greater reach. Being safe on the road starts with ourselves. So don’t drive too fast, don’t use drugs or alcohol before you hit the road, and don’t let your phone distract you. And that also applies to bicycles or mopeds.”

National trend

An increase can also be seen at the national level. Last year, 737 people died in a traffic accident in the Netherlands. That is 155 more than in 2021, an increase of almost 27 percent. The number of road deaths in the Netherlands is, therefore, the highest since 2008.

Although CBS does not explain the increase, a remarkable trend can be seen in the age group of 75 years or older; the number of deaths increased the most in that group by 59 percent compared to 2021. This mainly concerns cyclists of this age: 150 in 2022, compared to 94 the year before.

As in previous years, more men (522) than women (215) were killed in traffic.

In Drenthe, Overijssel, and Zeeland, there were fewer victims than in Brabant, but in that province, the number of deaths has doubled compared to 2021. In the province of Utrecht, the number of road deaths fell; in Flevoland, the number remained about the same. Flevoland also had the fewest road fatalities.


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