Energetic decision making is a must- CDA #Eindhoven Elections

(Left to right)-Sitting- Remco van Dooren, Niels Groot. Standing - Christo Weijs, Stijn Steenbakkers, Miriam Frosi, Marianne Buenen, Rob Gordon & Linda Hofman

CDA believes in diversity and in the internationalization of our city.  These enrich our city. The Brainport region, the thriving economical heart of the Netherlands, has become a very desirable place for many Expats. We would like to welcome the new residents of our city and invest in a pleasant environment for them.

This applies not only to the Expats but also to the immigrants. We offer language courses and meeting places and stimulate the expats & the immigrants to learn Dutch to improve their participation in our society. Because we believe that everyone in our city should participate! You live here and you are an ‘Eindhovenaar’.

What are the main priorities for the CDA Eindhoven, in the coming four years?

We want to energetically decide on the following four major issues:

Affordable housing for first-time buyers and families. 

House prices are sky-rocketing and the waiting lists for social housing are extremely long. Moreover, many people do not qualify for social housing but they cannot afford the high rents in the ‘open market’ as well. First-time buyers and young families in particular face difficulties. As a part of the solution, we do see high-rise buildings in the city centre, but not everyone wants to live in a small apartment or a studio in a high-rise building. We would like to invest some effort in building houses outside the city centre. Especially in the middle segment for rentals and the lower segment of properties for sale.

Quality districts where you can live pleasantly. 

A large part of our daily lives takes place in our neighbourhood. This is where we live, our children go to school, we do our shopping, exercise, visit the community centre, do our daily walk, or walk the dog. In some districts, however, the quality of life is under severe pressure and residents seem to resign themselves to the idea that it will never get better. This is not acceptable to CDA. The municipality must not look away from the problems but tackle the root cause. This way people can also live comfortably in the affected districts. In the districts where things are going ‘well’, the municipality is encouraged to keep investing, because otherwise, they might deteriorate.

Smooth and safe from A to B.

Traffic jams, congestions or infrequent buses timetable… For years, Eindhoven has been difficult to reach. And that is frustrating when you are commuting to work or want to go home soon after work. We want to be an accessible municipality and city, where everyone can get from A to B smoothly and safely. Be it on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car. We believe in a better flow of car traffic on the ring road and highways. At the same time, we opt for more bike lanes, a safe environment for pedestrians, and an increased frequency of bus rides throughout the city.

A caring and healthy city 

Exercise and sports are good for the body and mind. A healthy lifestyle leads to a longer life and prevents many diseases. Since prevention is more important than cure, we stimulate our residents to get and stay in motion. And for the residents who do need care, we are there lending a helping hand. This people-centred approach is what we adhere to.

“Let US be more important than ME”.

In addition to these four major challenges, we do of course have a vision on numerous other important themes, which can be found in our 13 chapter election program here. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction. Thereafter, we elaborate on our ideas in detail.

Internationalization is an important task. In our city, we have around 160 nationalities living together. We want to make a safe, healthy, and social city for everybody.

The municipality of Eindhoven should not only solve the bigger challenges but also give ear to the smaller problems in the diverse districts of our city. Therefore, in our programme, we have also paid attention to area-specific problems in each part of the city. We propose possible solutions at the same time.

CDA Eindhoven is more than ready to tackle the small and big challenges the city is facing. Full of energy and determination, we want to roll up our sleeves and get on with our job. We show courage, we act as we said we would. We stand up for our residents who want to live well and who, by carrying out our plans, will hopefully be even prouder to be an ‘Eindhovenaar’. But we need you! Please come and vote; your vote is your voice.

Miriam Frosi -City councillor, CDA.


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