These are the best spots in Eindhoven

Best spots eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

Which places are really worth visiting in the city? Citizen journalism editors of Studio040 asked three Eindhoven residents about their favourite places.

Nature behind Prehistorisch Dorp 

Behind the Prehistorisch Dorp (prehistoric village) in the south of Eindhoven, a large nature area with water can be found. Kimberley van den Boogaard thinks this is one of the most beautiful places in Eindhoven: “This place radiates peace and tranquility”. This place does a lot to her. She comes here mainly to relax, but also for inspiration and peace. “This is how I come up with new ideas for poems and stories I write”, Kimberley explains. “Through the silence and beautiful nature I find my balance again. It simply gives me peace of mind”.

Seven years ago Kimberley lived in Stratum. During a walk she came across this nature reserve. She still comes here very often, sometimes every week.

When she sits on a waterfront bench, she watches the ducks pass by. “Also during the change of seasons it is beautiful to sit in the park”, Kimberley says. Occasionally, people walk by that she likes to watch. “One is a big shot, the other is on welfare. Young, old, families, people on their own, sportsmen and women and people walking their dogs. But all of them are here to enjoy nature”.

Going out in Eindhoven

Stratumseind. One of the most beautiful places in Eindhoven, at least if you ask Jennifer Diepens. “The people here are really sociable”.
After a long school day she had agreed with classmates to have a drink in the city. Jennifer was not so well known in Eindhoven yet, so her classmates took her to Stratumseind, the street with at least 50 bars in a row. Her first impression was so good that she decided to stick around. Every week you can find her here, on Friday and Saturday.
Jennifer now often goes out on her own. She will run into someone she knows at any place. “That way I am networking a bit and strengthening my social contacts”, she says. “I also feel safer in the evenings or at night on Stratumseind than during the day. People are more talking to each other and therefore pay more attention to each other. Whether you know each other or not. There is also a lot of police surveillance, live on the street and through cameras”.

Stratumseind Eindhoven






The farm on Grote Beek

The Grote Beek estate in the north of Eindhoven close to Boschdijk is increasingly being found by people who like to go for a walk. Patients of the GGzE (Dutch mental health care organisation) which is established there, also notice. “You can enjoy many different things on the grounds here”, one of them says.

On the side of Grote Beek area is the farm. There are sheep, chickens, goats and a turkey. But there are also animals that you don’t see on an ordinary farm, such as an emu and a deer. The patient understands why people like to come here. “I often become peaceful here. Animals don’t judge you, like people sometimes do.”

The grounds are open to anyone who wants to have a cup of coffee at the farm or walk the dog through the woods. “On social media you can see different videos and photos of this place. But you only really see everything once you have walked here a few times.”
The patient did not know how big the farm was until she walked past all the animals. She was amazed by the many different species. It also brought back fond memories of the past, when as a child she went to the animal pasture in her neighbourhood. She can enjoy the moments at the farm for a long time.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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