Exercise and health in the time of COVID-19

Ali Wilcox and Darryl Grant will teach you how to optimise your training routine. Photo credit: Trifecta Sport

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. You want changes? Make some!”- C. Stevens

Darryl Grant of Trifecta Sports writes:

“2020 will go down in history as the year that a viral pandemic shifted the norms of our global society. Socially, the world was forced to realign its behavioral patterns, its physical freedoms, and it’s accountability to the most fundamental human priority – stay alive!

The coronavirus struck quietly and snowballed into a colossus. ALL are susceptible, and the dividing lines for risk levels all hinge on ONE thing – the human immune system. “The Immune System” – It doesn’t inspire much marketable imagery.

It pops up in clinical conversations and less so in the smoke-and-mirror messaging that plagues the health industry. It is not as sexy as the photoshopped models in the “sweaty-with-makeup-on” athletic photoshoot. The topic of immunity generally takes a back seat to the mind-numbing media pics of bro-gains and butt selfies. 

COVID-19 has shown us that, whatever athleticism we possess, the health of our immune system is the “CHECK OIL” light on our mortal dashboard. If it’s ON – something is OFF in a bad way, and it may be too late. 

The high susceptibility to CoVid19’s unseen presence raises the question of whether or not our go-to “healthy” activity is getting the job done.

Something MUST change… and it’s not the filter upgrade on your IG account.

When it comes to exercise, shifting the human mindset is difficult. True advocates for health welcome the shift outside of their comfort zone, but many people do not. I want people to think of ONE theme: LONGEVITY. 

Take your sights off the summer holiday beach body. Look past the whiteboard WOD numbers and fitness app feedback. 

Look further.

Can you see yourself with your grandchildren? I see myself playing with mine, lifting them, laughing with them. I’ll wager the value of this over anyone’s best one rep max, AMRAP total, or half marathon time. (½ …really?….why?) 

Body aesthetics walk hand in hand with the human psyche and its sense of self-esteem. In a world where instant gratification has become the norm, the patience to achieve such aesthetics is in short supply. If a human can find a hack, he or she will most likely use it.

I remember when “hack”` did not even exist in the Western lexicon. I beg of you – for a truly healthier you and a healthier future that you can be a part of, apply your efforts towards the complete picture of health. This includes healthy choices in recovery, nutritional consideration (NOT DIET!), the right exercise, at the right time, for the right amount of time, for the skill level of YOU.

Do you ping-pong between options and decisions? Many people wander – lost among the exercise machines, bars, and bumper plates, chasing the latest hack of ways to get monster gains. In one hand, a towel. In the other, a cell phone with selfie mode cued up.  

(Gotta boomerang that daily pump, Bro!)

Relax, take a deep breath. ALWAYS come back to your breath. Now ask yourself the following questions and consider your answers:

What is my goal?

(Is it long term or no further than the image in the mirror)

Does my chosen activity define the best course of action for that goal?

(Will it be sustainable for the amount of time I wish to hold on to my goal)

How do I rank my efforts or rate my progress?

(Are you just logging numbers or do you listen to your body…how it feels and how in control of it you feel)

In answering these questions, you can get a better picture of what you are pursuing. Sacrificing your sweat, sometimes blood, and occasionally tears. Your body, alone, is an amazing machine! Silence the posts and the blog tips.

Delete the endless media pics to which we compare ourselves. Remove the noise of this nonsense, and you can hear your body loud and clear. It echoes the information found in science. Listen closely, and you can educate yourself about yourself.

Soon you will find what has been the case all along. True strength and its indicators (remember the immune system?) exist within, not on the surface, and not in the mirror. The right trainer should show you how to access it, control it, and enjoy the challenge of its growth. 

We are holding a free seminar on 19 September, 9:30 – 11:00, discussing these topics and the main principles to be considering in your exercise and health routines. The time will be split between open discussion and some awakening exercise to experience the difference in how to approach movement properly.”

You can reserve a spot on https://trifectasportfundamentals.eventbrite.com.


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