Three steps to a healthier you

Functional Strength Training, Kickboxing, Mobility Recovery
Trifecta training - Learn, improve, repeat. Photo credit: Trifecta Sport

Most of us want to find a simple, effective way to remain fit, mobile, and healthy. This new fitness centre in Eindhoven might well be the answer.

Trifecta Sport co-owners, Ali Wilcox and Darryl Grant believe in three activities guaranteed to get healthy results – Functional Strength Training, Kickboxing, and Mobility Recovery. They apply the science of exercise physiology and bio mechanics. And so, not only provide a sustainable workout programme.

It also educates and empowers people about health longevity. “Life is a gamble. But the steps to get the most out of it doesn’t have to be,” say Ali and Darryl. They’ve designed a 12-station, 45-minute circuit. “It challenges your body in the necessary order of operations.”

Masters Degrees

Their education has given them a wealth of knowledge as extensive as their library of exercises and movements. With Masters Degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Ali and Darryl focus not only on the science behind the movements. They also consider the technique before the power and the necessary actions to guide you through a challenging and empowering workout. 

“The Trifecta Sport business model ensures personal attention to guarantee your safety and maximize your potential,” say the owners of this new gym. Even the name – Trifecta – reflects their three-activity mindset. “Trifecta means ‘a bet in which the person betting, forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order’.

“Everyone deserves to learn something new about their body and how it moves. As we make our way through this life, these discoveries are the key to continue advancing towards the healthiest self we can be. We challenge you to discover as much as you can.”

Stunning setting

Trifecta Sport can be found in the breathtaking – no pun intended – setting in the defunct Oosterkerk. This is a 110-year-old church in Fazantlaan, close to the railway station. And the 45-minute full-body circuit is only the start.

Trifecta Sport’s owners hope you leave feeling fitter and more relaxed than when you arrived. Photo credit: Trifecta Sport

Ali and Darryl also offered health and wellness workshops. These span a variety of topics and techniques relating to exercise and health. Their goal is to promote an open forum of inquiry, exercise, and education for the Eindhoven community.

There are group classes for athletic stretching, Yin-style yoga, and a dynamic deep stretch too. “All designed to improve strength, mobility and leave you more relaxed than when you walked in.” 

1st round is free

Your first round of circuit training is free-of-charge. And here is the best part…there are no class times. Simply book a time that suits you.

When you arrive and are ready to start, the trainers begin the interval timer. Should someone be in the middle of the circuit, you wait a maximum of three minutes until that interval ends. Then you start.

You’ll spend three minutes at each station with 45 seconds of active rest in between. The trainers are always nearby – demonstrating, cueing, and challenging you. Does this sound like something you’d like to try?

Then please contact 06 8232 9703 or admin@trifecta-sport for pricing and more information.

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