Translator Guleren: ‘When it comes to worries, we don’t differ much from each other’

Turkish community - Guluren Kilincarslan
Photo credit: Emre Kalender

At the time of the corona crisis, there is a lot of information and news. However, many Dutch people with a foreign background and expatriates who do not speak Dutch, do not get this important information properly.

At Eindhoven News we are dedicated to pass on this news as soon as we can to our readers in English. In this corona crisis we are picking up news directly from the Dutch national official source NOS, with whom we are in contact. Press conferences by the Prime Minister, Eindhoven Mayor and RIVM are online in English within a couple of hours. And to mention that we are a non-subsidised organisation consisting of just volunteers makes this even more remarkable.

Guleren Kilincarslan translates the information from Dutch into Turkish. Guleren has been doing this for a long time with a team, but now she is extra busy because of the many news surrounding the corona crisis.

“I saw that the tension among the people was running high. It was already difficult for the people who speak Dutch well at one time or another, let alone for those who do not speak the language”, Kilincarslan says. “The people who appealed to me were worried about the children. They have questions like: Is it safe to take my child to school. In that you see that we don’t differ much in our concerns”.

The reports from the Municipality of Eindhoven, reports from the RIVM, the main points of the press conference with Prime Minister Rutte, Kilincarslan doesn’t make any difference. Consequently, people from the Turkish community are massively sharing Guleren’s translated messages via social media. “It’s sometimes quite difficult for me to translate the messages,” she admits. “But it’s quite an important piece of information. I’m glad that I can do my bit, so that we can all keep each other informed”.


Translated by: Bob

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