Ten things to be thankful for amid COVID-19

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We live in unprecedented times. The coronavirus has affected lives across the globe. One-third of the reported cases are in Europe. Each one of us is doing our best to practice social distancing in an effort to control the spread of this virus. It is natural to feel isolated and overwhelmed in these conditions. Eindhoven News tries to look at the blessings we need to count in this dark hour…

  1. Selfless service: No words can thank the efforts by healthcare workers, emergency services, transport workers and other essential services. They leave their family, put themselves at risk and work tirelessly to save lives and help us. A standing ovation to each and every one of them!
  2. Technology: Had it not been for technology, we could not have worked from home nor our children have had online classes. We might have been isolated if not for the numerous calls and chats with family and friends. How would we have got those vital infection counts or happenings across the globe as close to real-time as we do now? Social distancing would have been a lot worse if not for technology!
  3. Family time: When was the last time you spent so much time with your partner or kids? Plus, this is a situation where we all will have to work together as a team to make the day run smoother. Unknowingly, we would be coming up with innovative ways to engage our children. Is anything worth more than those genuine toddler smiles?
  4. Humane side: The crisis has only re-affirmed the innate goodness in mankind. So many neighbourhoods and youth groups have sprung up to help those in need of support. We are supporting each other emotionally – doing acts of kindness, volunteering to do chores for elders and being available for friends and family. We are seeing a new level of co-operation among human beings!
  5. Snooze hour: With the whole world moving towards social distancing, it seems like the earth is taking a break. We are forced to slow down, limit our travels and ultimately less burden on the environment. If you had long commutes to work, it must be a relief to work from home. We are being mindful of what we buy and consume. Air quality is reaching unprecedented levels. The earth is indeed a better place literally!
  6. Power of planning: We are being forced to plan our days and schedules to juggle professional and personal duties. The importance of discipline and sticking to a plan determines a day’s success. From scheduling calls to cooking meals to feed the children, we are learning to depend on the ability to plan out in advance. We are becoming expert planners day by day!
  7. Self-care: In an effort to boost our immunity, we are consuming more vitamin-rich foods. With the restaurants closing, we are having more warm and home-cooked meals. Many of us are getting that extra hour of sleep in the mornings’ thanks to not having to rush to take the bus or the train. A very good investment for better health indeed!
  8. The sun is shining: Spring seems to be here finally and it has been a welcome change in temperature. You could work outside in your garden while the children are playing nearby to take maximum advantage of the weather. A quick walk or a few breathing exercises out in the open (keeping the stipulated distance, of course) can do wonders to lift your mood. Things do feel so much brighter with the sun shining, don’t they?
  9. Life is in the small things: With social distancing and isolation, we realize the importance of everyday small things. It is only when we are constrained to perform even our daily activities, that we recognize how much those matters. Perhaps, we will appreciate all that we are blessed with when we come out of this present situation!
  10. Thank God for the mute button: Last but not the least, where would we be without that all-important mute button? A lifesaver indeed!

The world has realized that we are in this together and united we can overcome the virus. This too shall pass!

For Eindhoven News

Muktha Kartik Iyer

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