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You have time and wish to add value to people’s lives, but do not know how? Well, there is good news for you, as there are over 200 groups looking for volunteers like YOU.

With a warm welcome, coffee and a bowl of fresh tomato soup, we kicked off the event on 23rd January 2020, at Stories, Torenallee 22-02, Strijp S, Eindhoven. It was a full house, with a buzz of curiosity amongst the various representatives from the diverse volunteer groups, in and around the Eindhoven region.

With an enthusiastic introduction by Diana van den Eijnden (Lumens Volunteer Advisor), we started the evening programme “Flexvrijwilligers. Hoe dan?!”. The mission is to help simply, and synergise all efforts from both parties, namely the volunteers (vrijwilligers) and the associations which need volunteers. Currently the scheduling process is extremely labour intensive, which does not work in our current pace of life. Both parties are losing out on wasted time and energy. This needed to improve.

The proposal was an open platform for both the volunteers and the groups, to use interactively. Where both sides can update their preferences, accept, reject, edit their schedules online. Yes this is in English as well, and will soon be available as an App for mobiles !

For this to be a real success, the organisers stressed on getting support from all groups, to use the platform to advertise their needs (“vacature lijst”) and goals. The App was briefly demonstrated as a “dating app” with a tagline, photo(s) and some details. It will have a link and contact person for more information. Yes it is very intuitive to use, just keep “swiping” on the photos till you see something interesting, then click to find out more! This will automatically steer volunteers towards the scheduling tool, on available time slots. Thus extremely transparent to the volunteer and the volunteer group.

Sounds too good to be true?

Did you know that about half of Netherlands population over 15 years of age, do some form of volunteer work. And about 23% of people around Eindhoven region wish to support as flexible volunteers, but find it challenging to balance this with work and family.

Presently at least 2000 volunteers are needed. And this fast becoming a social group with fun activities, such as the event on 01 May at “Wijkcentrum ’t Bellefort”, Eindhoven. The event kicks off at 16.00hrs with a buffet, and at 18.00hrs would be the opportunity to present your views on “who you are, and what you do” on the theme “Iedereen is een Schakel” (everybody is a link). For more information please reach out to Ciska van Lieshout, Stichting de Kunsterij/Klusserij, via: dekunsterij2012@live.nl  tel 0623570994

A flex volunteer can also be someone who wishes to work once a month for a few hours, or certain period of the year. So? Do you have some time, and not sure what you could do ? Why not volunteer for a worthy cause? Use the App, choose something you like? there are no strings attached, except the ones that pull your heart 😉 .. are you IN ?

For Eindhoven News: Aroop Bhattacharjee

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