KVK Starters Dag attracts hordes


KVK starters dag at the Evoluon, attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs. Not to mention that most booths were busy all the time. Tax office, the association of Book keepers (NOAB), microfinance companies were among the many organisations present. However, the presentations in English were popular and Eindhoven News brings you a glimpse of those.

Starting your business in ten steps
Johan Laffra -KVK

The first presentation in English was “starting your business in 10 steps by Johan Laffra”. The presenter cracked up the audience with his humorous way of imparting information. As a matter of fact, people felt he could have had more time to elaborate more. Since it is an extensive subject, 45 minutes does not do justice. In spite of lack of time Laffra carefully cascaded the information. Correspondingly, the talk was important to those who sat on the fence with their entrepreneurial decision. About 1.8 million businesses are registered in The Netherlands.

Online marketing
Oscar van de Beld from Google

The second presentation in English was from Google. The topic was online marketing with a focus on social media. The Ring was a bit noisy but the presenter Oscar van de Beld managed to get the attention of the enthusiastic listeners. He counselled on the different phases of marketing in social media. The informative session was interactive too. Revealed that mobiles have overtaken the desktops and tablets together in usage. So it is important that marketing websites must be both mobile friendly and load within 3 secs to be competitive.


Inspiration session on assumptions in business
Melinda Jacobs -“Fake it till you make it”

The inspiration session “fake it, till you make it” by Melinda Jacobs, was about assumptions and validating assumptions. The chirpy energetic Ms Jacobs completely caught the attention of the listeners. Ms Jacobs emphasises that the best way to validate assumptions is by talking to people.

The event clearly shows cases the economic boom in Brabant. Who rides the wave successfully and who drowns is based on many factors. It is good to have a business plan in place caution the management gurus.

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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