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Shopping with kids can be a stressful experience. Kidskartel (formerly SOUL2SOUL Kids) has a solution to the problem.

Kidskartel is a shop offering used and vintage children’s clothes, toys and other kids items that might catch your fancy. The clothes are all in perfect condition and carefully chosen by the owner. She specifically looks for clothes that are unique and different than the ones you will find at the larger retail shops and, with so many international customers, she has lots of really fun clothes from all over the world. I find her clothes very cool and I always manage to find something really unique for my kids. The shop operates on consignment.

You can bring in children’s clothes and you will get an account created for you (make sure you call ahead for an appointment). When a item you brought in is sold you will receive a portion of the sale in your account. You can get your portion in cash or use it toward a perchance in the shop. It’s a great system for having a clear out and handling those pesky growth spurts, all at the same time.

But aside from being a cool place to go shopping, there is another reason to check out this little shop on Edisonstraat. The kids will have a blast. There is a play area for the kids to play in with all kinds of toys. There is also a fun table with a wooden train set up to play with. The place is geared toward the kids having a good time while the parents shop or come in for lunch while the kids play. Kidskartel has a cafe inside that serves tostis and sandwiches for the kids and delicious pitas for mom and dad as well as homemade soup. You can even have high tea with the family and the kids are guaranteed not to get bored. At the very least you can take a break for a coffee or fresh mint tea. All the food is made with organic ingredients, focusing on healthy eating. They even sell vegan candy.

Kidskartel is also a great place for a party. They offer a wide range of themes for a birthday party ranging from a dress up model party to a make your own pizza party. They also host events at their massive party table. One of the events they host often, focuses on helping us parents fix our daughters hair. I can totally appreciate this and I will really try to be at the next one because I am completely rubbish with my daughters hair, I can manage pigtails but that’s about it. There are even special events just for daddy to learn, so he won’t feel left out in the mornings and he gets to have a nice daddy-daughter day. You can read about all the party options and events on their website at They just changed their name and logo but this link will direct you to the right place.

The shop has a really warm and cozy atmosphere, what the Dutch call ‘gezellig”. I went in one afternoon with my daughter to check the place out and take some pictures and ended up spending a good chunk of the afternoon there. My daughter didn’t want to leave and I was happy chatting with the shops owner, Manon. My daughter picked out a floral sun hat that she now refuses to take off (I see her wearing to over her winter hat in the snow). Of course we couldn’t leave without having a go on the swing outside the shop, as well. Seriously, every time I thought we were leaving my daughter would find something else to play with.

Edisonstraat is a really cute street in general, lined with unique little shops. Eindhoven is really expanding the shopping area around Edisonstraat as well. I see this area being a trendy place in the near future. The street address is Edisonstraat 150, 5621 HT Eindhoven. It is a short walk from Strijp S so it’s easily accessible by bus and there is free on-street parking throughout the area.

I recommend checking out Kidskartel, the kids can have a play and you can sit back and relax, or bring your computer and get some emails sorted, they offer free wi-fi. The kids will love it.

For Eindhoven News: Melissa Birdwell.

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