Finding a place in Eindhoven; great tips from Christoph

Christoph Hauenstein wrote a great comment on how he managed to find a place in Eindhoven, which is not easy these days, so all advice is welcome.
His article was posted in the Expats in Eindhoven Facebook group. We are happy we can share it with you again. Thank you Yvette Dijkhuizen for giving the permission. This is how we like it. Sharing and caring.
“I found the challenging thing was, that 80% of what you find on apartments online is not available (any more). There are I would say 10+ makelaarcompanies (estate agents) in Eindhoven. Each has their own website and then there are the general websites (funda+pararius for free, and kamernet+clawq with a subscription fee for example).
Whenever the agencies have something available they upload it on several sites – but then, when it gets rented, nobody takes on the extra work to actually take the vacancies back down.
And here is my first tip: if you see something you like -> call right away! This saves you unnecessary work and false hopes when they will tell you it’s already gone (this will happen a lot).
If it is still available, ask for viewing dates and an email address. The viewings I got were roughly one week after the date of upload, in the beginning of September. This is for apartments starting rent beginning October. Therefore I think it’s perfect if you can come to Eindhoven 1 month before you want to move in, to attend viewings. Of course, this can be nearly impossible depending on where you live and work…
Due to the high demand, things move very quickly. This brings us to the 2nd important thing: bookmark all Eindhoven agencies you can find, as well as Kamernet and Pararius, check the websites EVERY DAY for new uploads. If you see something new that fits you -> back to rule 1: call.
Lastly, also due to high demand, it is advisable that you have something prepared (a pdf file for example) to send to the agencies, which contains relevant information about yourself, regarding rent. This can go as far as to include a Motivation Letter (this was requested as such from me by some agencies). Basically, it is like a complete application for a job, just trimmed to info relevant for renting. I actually took my job application as a template. The more professional, the better.
Please note: rental agencies will always ask for info regarding your job (contract, payment slips etc.) so don’t forget to add this info. If you have recommendation letters from former landlords feel free to add them as well.
Eindhoven Housing
Housing Eindhoven
Eindhoven Housing (yes there are 2 different ones)
Eindhoven (NLD) Appartement/Huis te huur/Apartment/House/Room/Home For Rent
Woonruimte Aangeboden / Gezocht (Eindhoven)
Woonruimte regioEindhovenn
Find a room(mate) or house in Eindhoven – kamer(s) in Eindhoven
Paid sites – although we won’t recommend them:
Social housing – they occasionally offer apartments with so-called liberated prices (vrije sector) that will be available to a more general public:
Wooniezie (platform of multiple social housing clubs),
Social housing for students:
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