Learning about Italian cuisine from real Italian chef

Cucina Italiana is not a ‘normal’ Italian restaurant. When you enter the place it feels like a workshop slash living room slash canteen. Very informal yet very warm and inviting. Straight away you walk in to the wide open kitchen. This is exactly the message of Ailén and Giovanni: ‘come, see and taste Italian food!’

It is situated in the centre of Eindhoven, tucked away in the artistic Medina housing project of ‘t College by architect Jo Coenen.

So what is Cucina Italiana? It is an overarching training project dedicated to the spreading of the history, tradition, and evolution of the Italian wine and food culture. It is a dynamic space, an area open to experience the Italian culture. Here you can get to know, taste and test the honest Italian products. Ailén and Giovanni won’t miss any opportunity to share their passion and knowledge.

The ‘restaurant’ is founded by Ailén Gamberoni, who is a journalist and food blogger and Giovanni Zorzolo, a professional chef. They are an Italian couple of food and wine lovers who have devoted their past years to the study of many sides of the cuisine-related experience. “We have found a home in Eindhoven, a wonderful town in the South of the Netherlands. There is a constant flow of new developments here in the fields of creativity, innovation, technology, design, and knowledge. This fits very well with our concept: we also like to be creative and innovative in our cooking, not losing sight of traditions.”

They organize cooking workshops, private dinners, catering services and food delivery. And, important for now: it is NOT closed for vacation. They have mouthwatering events on this month’s agenda.

Thursday 17th August from 18.00 to 21:30 
“The Art of Rice” workshop
You will learn how to make a real Risotto, from the broth to the ‘mantecatura’ using fresh and local products. And how to cook it in the oven, in the pilaf way called ‘tiella’.

They will guide you in the creation, cooking and the presentation of every dish. They will recount historical anecdotes, details and tales of Italian cuisine, all provided with the recipe book.
Every class will end with tasting the just cooked dishes, combined with a glass of fine Italian wine.

The price of 45€ includes the use of the location, all the necessary equipment and local fresh ingredients or those imported from our Italian suppliers and a welcome “aperitivo”.

Saturday 19th August
“Cucina Squisita dinner”

An amazing Italian experience: Cucina Italiana meets Squisito, 100% Italian local food. (Check with Cucina Italiana for info about timing and pricing).

Friday 25th of August
“Abruzzo regional cuisine and wines tasting”

Acknowledged as one of the best cuisines in the world, it ranges from seafood to mountain products: you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes like olive all’ascolana. But not only that, the Abruzzo region has veritably become a wine region in which the quality of the wine has reached a high level. Already renowned gastronomically for its important cooking traditions, Abruzzo distinguishes itself among the regions of central Italy because of its many native vines – red grapes like Montepulciano or white grapes like Trebbiano. (This evening is 50 euro (5 dishes, 5 glass of wines). Check with Cucina Italiana for the timings).

Thursday 31st August from 18:00 to 21:30
“The Art of Egg Pasta” workshop

How to make home made egg pasta to create Lasagna in two versions: the traditional alla Bolognese and the vegetarian option al pesto.

The price of 45€ includes the use of the location, all the necessary equipment and local fresh ingredients or those imported from our Italian suppliers and a welcome “aperitivo”.

The lessons will be at Cucina Italiana in ’t College 25 Eindhoven, send a mail to info@cucina-italiana.eu when you like to have more information or have a look at their website.

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