Experimenting with Prosperity

Many of us decided to move abroad because of work or due to study opportunities that presumably wouldn’t be possible to achieve in our own countries, and with that comes the thought of a better life, an important increase of opportunities, global networking, abundance and, in general, a good and prosperous life.

So today I would like to introduce to you the Prosperity Experiment, an online 90-day challenge originally created by Kate Nowak to encourage people to experience and experiment first hand with abundance, prosperity, and the manifestation of their own heart’s desire.

This challenge first reached me in 2013, right after I got my residence permit and actually had an official paper stating I was no longer a tourist in this country. Needless to say that I was struggling to not only adjust to the new environment (location, weather, people, language, lack of job, etc), but also recently married and having to deal with the idea of having to stay here without a departure date arranged yet. Fortunately enough, I didn’t get into depression, but I was certainly losing myself a bit in the process. It all began as a simple lack of interest, the very rare desire to go out, the resistance I had towards the language, etc. I am not saying the Prosperity Experiment turned it all around, but I am saying that experimenting with the activities and getting involved in the process gave me a second chance to look at things with a different set of eyes, and to not only ‘see’ them differently, but actually experience them from an alternative awareness, perspective if you will.

I can’t promise you will have the same experience that I had, I can only promise you that you will find it as interesting as you are willing to get actually involved. There is no magic trick, if you want it to work; you have to work for it to move you forward. It is simple and pure logic “you will get exactly what you are actually putting in”

This whole experiment thing began in early 2006 after writer and graphic designer, Kate Nowak, created and released a short flash presentation entitled May You Be Blessed. The response to this short video was simply unbelievable as she received countless daily messages from people all over the globe.

Realizing that any true experiment must be tested and documented, she began working on the creation of an interactive working laboratory where people over the world could actively participate in proving or disproving these theories.

This 90-day challenge basically consists of a series of exercises, information, quotes, and specified activities all aimed to help you dissolve the blockages, release the resistance, and discover the limiting beliefs you might have around prosperity, whether you reduce it to the financial aspects of abundance or not.

These activities and messages are sent all together on a daily email to the group of consent participants that signed in. It also offers the chance to get into “smaller groups” to have someone to talk to, and share with those special details about your daily experiences with the messages and activities.

Getting involved and being an active participant will likely help you to refresh your perception of things, reconnect with your inner creative power, discover those beliefs that are holding you back, vitalize your awareness on the role you currently play in your own life, look out for the blessing in disguise, etc. In a nutshell, it will kick-off your positivity and give you some perspective.

Disclaimer: I can understand people wouldn’t think of it as a resource for inner strength at first glance, but according to my very own personal experience I absolutely recommend it for those who feel that have kind of lost their way, regardless the reason.

Next chance to jump right into challenging yourself is scheduled to begin Friday, September 1st, 2017. All you have to do is send your name and your best email to lifechangingdares@gmail.com

Are you ready to reframe your thinking?

Eindhoven News author: Rebeca

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