MexiKans: An opportunity abroad for everyone.

Darinel Herrera along with a social oriented group of people created an organization that allows internationals to participate into a fully social, professional, or touristic immersion into the American Continent. 

MexiKans based in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands, in a nutshell, is “a platform for international cooperation that offers solidarity experiences for global citizens” that currently boosts talent and leadership of global citizens through learning and volunteering experiences fostering cultural understanding whilst benefiting both the volunteer and the community in which this takes place.

The organization was first conceived about 4 years ago and was able to finally become what it is today thanks to a very successful crowd funding campaign that later enable the platform to gather Mexico’s most relevant organizations working with volunteers from all over the globe.

Darinel, CEO and Founder, strongly believes “the world can be changed by connecting individuals to like-minded organizations aimed to resolve social issues, meaning a world of global citizens sharing a common goal”. This was later reinforced by the organizations motto “Solidary experiences for global citizens”.

Their name stands for both, Mexico and the Netherlands (Kans=opportunity in Dutch) With that in mind, you can rest assured that you can get opportunities to volunteer, have an internship, enjoy being a solidary tourist, and/or become a contributor to the MexiKans’ team in any way you can.

Schools and Universities are very welcome to contact MexiKans asking for a presentation to be given –whether it is for your staff or for your students- to better know what the organization can offer to all of them.

The people currently contributing to the organization believe in a world of global citizens and in countries able and willing to complement each other. The organization writes its history on a daily basis building and creating bridges made of both, knowledge and experiences, in between Mexico and The Netherlands.

As many other organizations, MexiKans never stops. More fundraising events are being planned –other have happened already in the area of Utrecht and Rotterdam- and there still are some other plans and programs to be added up to the ones already available for internationals. The organization is currently reviewing the chances of an exchange program for teachers and talent development professionals in between Cheran* and The Netherlands.

For more information about the exchange and internship programs or all other inquiries you can visit their website or social media page.

*Cheran is a Mexican village that ousted criminals, politicians and police to create a legitimate people’s government.


Rebeca G.M.

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