OUTtogether/ SamenUIT

Eindhoven News wants to make sure you really are having fun.

With real people in real life.

Finding interesting events on our website is one thing, but we think that we should do more to make sure that you really go out there, experience Eindhoven and meet people. International AND local.

We think the best way to do this is, providing opportunities to find people who also like to meet other people. That is why we are cooperating with OUTtogether/SamenUIT platform.

On this platform you will find groups, events and interests where you can place a call below the event to ask other people to join you.
Ask others to go together to a gig, a game night, a theatre show or to a museum. Start a cooking, running or biking club. Or have a drink or dinner together.

It is easy to use. You make a profile and you can start looking at the events and start inviting others.

Be the influencer and create a group, a call or share the page and start meeting new people.

Go to this page to find out more. Events, activities, clubs and groups.

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