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Age of wonderland-100 days of learning prana borboleta

August 23, 2017 @ 15:30 - 17:35


Recognize your own power of manifestation and empower yourself with the learning of utilizing this manifestation for the benefit of your personal challenges as well as for the people around you. 

Essentially, everyone manifests their own reality, whether they do so in a manner that is conscious or unconscious is a different story. The practice involves nothing but consciousness. On a physical level, in order to lose weight, we become conscious of what we eat. Similarly, the thoughts we feed to our body, through our experiences and learned knowledge manifests itself in our life as reality.

“Awareness of our thoughts, intentions, and beliefs is the practice of mindfulness, for when you are mindful you can manifest your own reality. Had a bad day at work, hate your boss. Not a problem. Send them love and forgiveness and you will observe how the universe takes part in this cosmic belief to manifest love and forgiveness for your boss not just in your heart but in their heart too,” says Suniya from Pakistan. Apart from a mindfulness practitioner, she is an environmental lawyer by profession, a holistic healer and a keen yogi.

The venue is the auditorium of the Natlab.

Email your confirmation at suniya@gmail.com if you like to attend this two hour workshop.