Three men arrested for possession of Cobras

Three 21-year-old men were arrested in Veldhoven on Friday after a large amount of illegal heavy fireworks was found in the house by the police. A total of 900 Cobras were seized.

One of the men caught the attention of the police on Friday night for riding a moped without a taillight on the Kerkweg. When the officers spoke to him, it soon turned out that the moped was not his own. He couldn’t explain to whom it belonged to and gave them a confusing story.

More Cobras

The officers checked the man and found that he had a bag full of Cobras with him: heavy illegal fireworks. The police then visited a house on Kerkweg that the man had just come from. There, too, the police found hundreds of Cobras. Two other 21-year-old men were arrested in the house.


It could well have gone wrong. “With these amounts of heavy, illegal fireworks in a home or bag, it is no exaggeration to speak of a life-threatening situation,” the police said.

The fireworks have been confiscated and will be destroyed.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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