Eindhoven Airport will be back to pre-corona levels this summer

Michael Gaida by Pixabay

In the summer months of July and August, Eindhoven Airport almost reached the level before the corona crisis in terms of passenger numbers. The number of flights in and out of the airport was even higher than in 2019.

In July and August, 656,000 and 672,000 travellers visited the airport, respectively. These are travellers who arrived and departed at the airport added together. In the same months in 2019, there were only a few thousand more. In July 2019, 659,000 people travelled via Eindhoven Airport; in August 2019, that was 674,000 people.

However, there were flight movements at the airport this year. In 2019, 4017 and 4020 aircraft took off and landed in July and August, respectively. This year there were 4049 and 4067 flights over the same months.

300 claims
The huge passenger flow caused long queues at the airport. Eindhoven Airport says that, eventually, three hundred people submitted a claim to the airport because they missed their flight.

The airport also states that it has done a lot to keep the long queues under control as much as possible. For example, extra security personnel was recruited, and a summer allowance was introduced to make work at the airport more attractive.

No Rows
The long queues at the terminal will not return for the time being, the airport expects. “We have the operations under control, and we don’t expect extremely long queues if no unexpected events arise. In the winter season, there are fewer flights and fewer passengers, which puts less pressure on security capacity,” said an airport spokesperson.

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