Riot damage amounts to €670,000

Riot police in Eindhoven
Riot police in Eindhoven. Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

In January, rioters caused €670,000 worth of damages in Eindhoven, announced the Public Prosecution Office.

The municipal council was updated on the riots on Tuesday evening. That follows the report that was released last week. It showed that the Mayor and the police had acted properly into preventing the troubles.

Still, the demonstration got completely out of hand that day in late January. It was supposedly a protest against COVID-19 rules. Claimants filed damages to the value of thousands of euros.

Public property

The claims are for the public property that the rioters destroyed. That includes bus shelters, pavements, and cameras. It also includes vandalism to the station and shops.

Mayor John Jorritsma had already stated that he wants to see every cent of the damage caused by rioters refunded. The Public Prosecution Office agrees. “We will do everything in our power [to achieve this],” the Office’s Janine Kramer told a local paper, the ED.

It’s not yet clear how much money has been recovered from the rioters so far. When arresting rioters, the justice department seizes expensive items from them. These are to help cover the damages the suspects helped cause.


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Editor: Melinda Walraven

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