Corona hospital admissions continue to decline in Eindhoven

Catharina Hospital
Photo credit: Studio040

The number of Corona patients admitted to hospitals in the Eindhoven region is continuing to decline. This is evident from the latest figures. The number of Corona patients in the Catharina Hospital and the Maxima Medical Centre fell from 48 to 45 during the weekend.

The number of ICU admissions remains the same. Before the weekend there were 14 people in the hospitals together in intensive care. After the weekend there were fifteen. Ten of them are in the CZE and five in the MMC.

During the weekend two people died of the Corona virus in the Maxima Medical Centre. In the Catharina Hospital no one died of the Coronavirus.

During the weekend, six people with the Coronavirus were able to leave ‘Cathrien’. Sixteen people were dismissed from the Maxima MC. These figures should be seen in the light of the fact that the MMC also includes patients who have not been tested but who are suspected of carrying the virus. The CZE does not include these ‘suspicious’ patients in their count.

The RIVM updates the number of admittances in the hospital per municipality on a daily basis. These figures differ from the number of patients in the hospitals – not every patient goes to a hospital in his own municipality. The figures of St. Anna Hospital are missing from the publication.


Translated by: Bob

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