Our Team

We started to provide local news in English through www.EindhovenNews in English in 2009 with a group of international people from Eindhoven who were lacking this information.
Since then we have been growing and expanding slowly but surely with the help of many volunteers who full-heartedly support(ed) our good cause.


About 25 dedicated and enthusiastic internationals living in or close to Eindhoven are keeping Eindhoven News operational throughout the year. They are working for Stichting International Platform Eindhoven to provide non-Dutch people with news, background, views and events via our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and public screens at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Everybody does their talented bit to keep Eindhoven News in the air. We have a great team!



My name is Aysenur, I was born in Izmir, Turkey. I graduated in Journalism and Press at the Anadolu University. After that I focused on social media and digital marketing in different roles. I have a daughter. We all moved to Eindhoven because of my husband’s job in 2017. So far, I am writing blogs and contribute as a volunteer in activities in & around Eindhoven.
For Eindhoven News I am the Social Media Manager.



I am a mom, mentor and a good human being. A dentist by education, writer by passion and an innovator by compulsion. I burn out when challenges run out. I thrive in an honest, diverse company and feel energised by compassionate fresh minds. I am full of energy, appreciate motion and movement…. But nowadays my son is teaching me to stop and smell the roses (read tulips). For Eindhoven News I head the Features department, I am doing PR and support this cause wherever I can.



My name is Chae. I was born and raised in South Korea, and moved to the Netherlands in 2015. Currently I am studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. Living in Holland challenges me in a positive way because I notice many cultural differences here and there, which is why I’m happy to work for Eindhoven News, as it is a platform for expats to voice out about life in Eindhoven.



I am Chaitali. Born and brought up in India. I have been living in the Netherlands for the past 16 years almost. A finance professional, but my first love is writing and some of my best moments are created when I am either reading or writing. I do have a degree in journalism and mass communication and am closely associated with many writing platforms both in the Netherlands and in India. Happy to be a part of Eindhoven news!



I am originally from Brazil where I was born and raised learning to love nature and all it offers to us. My passion has led me to do a MSc. in Environmental Sciences in Germany, collect experience in environmental footprints and currently I am a free-lance sustainability consultant in the Netherlands with focus on life cycle assessment.
Sustainability is more than my field of work, it is what keeps me going, thus I am happy to collaborate with Eindhoven news and bring expats more news about interesting sustainability initiatives happening in our surroundings.



A born and raised ‘Brabander’, in love with this city called Eindhoven. I’ve lived most of my life in and around the city, so it comes as no surprise for me that I’m now a volunteer at Eindhoven News. I find it very important that local news is accessible to all inhabitants of our city, hence the reason I joined this amazing team!



I am a cross-cultural psychologist who specializes in parenting and child development in multicultural contexts. I received my PhD in the Netherlands in 2011 and built my multicultural family here in Eindhoven. Currently, I am setting up Roots & Wings Parent Academy that offers workshops and trainings for parents and families (rootsandwingsparent).

For Eindhoven News, I will be writing a column where the topics of child development and parenting as an expat will be covered. On a personal note, I have a 4yo son and I love travelling, cooking, singing, and hiking.



I moved to Eindhoven form Moscow (Russia), where I was working as a marketing manager. A couple of years ago I fell in love with photography, so I decided to learn more about this art and started my professional photography studies at one of Amsterdam institutions.

Why do you like to volunteer?
As I am studying photography it is interesting for me to try and practice different types of it.


I was born, raised and studied in Turkey. Then I fell in love with a handsome Dutchman and followed him all the way to Eindhoven. I have been living in the Netherlands since January 2009. I work as a business controller in a multinational company, so my job is within finance.
Writing has always been my passion. I do manage two blogs, where I share my own writings and translations.
I am happy to be part Eindhoven News, as I like this city very much.



I moved back to the Netherlands in 2008 after having lived abroad for 20 years. I did 5 intercontinental moves for myself and my family. I lived in Middle-East, Far-East and Europe.

My first port of call on returning to The Netherlands was the international community in Eindhoven. With a couple of enthusiasts, we started Eindhoven News, as throughout my expat life I experienced the importance of knowing what is happening in your vicinity.
To feel at home and to play an active role in your new habitat either for work, family, studies or leisure, being informed is key.

I have done business and management studies and I worked in tourism, events and as an entrepreneur. International Communication is my expertise.

I am doing the management for Eindhoven News with tremendous pleasure and it gives me a lot of energy to work together with this wonderful international team. It is great to develop Eindhoven News further.



My name is Ivan van Praag, I am a corporate social communicator, journalist, master in management sciences and musician. I was born in Caracas-Venezuela 36 years ago and now I live in The Netherlands.

I specialize in the areas of marketing, sales, corporate social responsibility, social action and customer service. I like sports journalism, reading, writing, researching, cooking, traveling and everything related to technology. I have worked as a news writer and opinion articles.

I studied social communication because I like to know the reality of things; it allows me to have more contact with those people who need a voice that is sometimes not heard and what better than journalism to be that channel of information. Eindhoven News represents a great opportunity to be able to work together with a great team of professionals to take the news in The Brainport Region in a timely and truthful way and keep all our readers well informed.



Originally from the sunny island of Rhodes in Greece, I came to the Netherlands for studies in Electrical Engineering 6 years ago.
After spending 3 years in the Hague I returned to this city where I am currently working in the field of Intellectual Property.
I like learning about the small little stories and trivia of our everyday life, and I would like to spread those to the people around me.




I moved to Eindhoven three months with my family from South Africa. It had been my dream for many years to live in Europe. The Netherlands seemed like a good fit because my dad was born and raised here. I have two daughters, one husband and two dogs – all of whom I love dearly. I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, I have a background in journalism but writing is my first love.

I am the news-editor-in-chief of Eindhoven news so if you have news to share, send it to [email protected]



I am a mother of 2, originally from Texas but I have lived in Veldhoven for over 10 years and have no intention of ever leaving the Netherlands. I love it so much here! There are so many amazing places for families to explore and we are busy trying out them all. I’m also a bit of a gym rat, avid reader, knittaholic, and pinterest junkie. I am going to write a twice monthly feature about great places to get the family out and about in this area. Parks, play places, pools and zoos and other activities. Everything you need to have a great family day! Check out my blog at https://mommyonamissionsite.wordpress.com/.


Mohsin pic


I am a PhD student at TU-Eindhoven. I am originally from Pakistan and I came to Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2010 to acquire my MSc in  Systemsand control from TU-Eindhoven. I love travelling, reading, blogging. I am also into sports, specially I really enjoy playing squash.

Eindhoven News, being the first and so far only local English daily newspaper, really inspires me and I decided to be a part of it. Sometimes I write articles for Eindhoven News but my main contribution is being in the Board of Stichting International Platform Eindhoven.


Born in the international year of the child and still as much young at heart as ever. An Electrical & Electronics Engineer by education and process consultant by profession, I pride myself on having just the right spark for life. I am an avid reader with a love for languages and animals. Just as I cannot pass by a copy of Pride and Prejudice without reading it yet another time, neither can I refrain from making a polite conversation with every cat that I happen to meet.

My other interests include travelling, creative writing and making chocolates.  This penchant for writing started from my school days and I still continue to publish snippets for newsletters, magazines and library forums. Have won several accolades along the way and my dream is to see a rack full of books of my own at the library.  My maiden book “Merry-go-reads” is about all those priceless moments that are guaranteed to make you feel good instantly. I look forward to sharing some of these passions with everyone through Eindhoven News.


I am originally from Ukraine. I moved to the Netherlands after having lived in the US for several years where I completed my PhD. My professional interests are gifted education, international education, and life-long learning. I enjoy traveling, photography, and everything involving food and cooking, so moving back to Europe and discovering the Netherlands has been a wonderful experience for me!



I am Nicola, originally from sunny England. I have lived in Eindhoven since 2012 and I work as a freelance translator, editor and English coach.

I really enjoy doing my part for the local expat community through translating and editing articles for Eindhoven News on a weekly basis.


Rebeca - prof - Rebeca


I am a 35-year-old psychologist and living in the Netherlands since 2013. I have been living in 4 other countries so far and I have always been focused on topics related to health, education and wellness. For Eindhoven News I am going to write about these subjects. Watch my column Life’s Turning Points.



I’m Rachael and I’m from Manchester, UK. After living in the Netherlands as a student, I returned in 2018 to start my professional life and to embrace some new experiences and challenges. I have a Bachelor in Religion, which a lot of people find strange!

I like to open my mind by surrounding myself with people with different nationalities, cultures, languages and outlooks to mine. Besides this, I’ve been a dancer since I was old enough to walk, and I love good food, live music and travelling!



After having lived in Geneva, Switzerland, for 18 years, I returned to my hometown Eindhoven. I was born and grew up in the vicinity, as a real ‘Philips child’. Having been an expat quite a while myself, and knowing Eindhoven and surroundings well, I hope to bring value to the expat community by writing about interesting events and provide some background to the happenings. So far I am very excited regarding my move back.

I’m a Supply Chain professional and will start my new job in July. Apart from that I have a big passion for PSV, exciting music, nice bars and cool & crazy events and festivals.



I came from the remote Himalayan region of Pakistan, called Baltistan. I did my basic education in Pakistan and higher education in Germany. I then moved to the Netherlands in 2012. Before coming to Germany, I had no idea where ‘Nederland’ was. But, you never know, I found a Phd. Position at the University of Twente and that was the first time I visited Netherlands and discovered the beautiful Dutch weather. Before coming to the Netherlands, I could not imagine eating bread and cheese in lunch but now it’s the food of my living. Currently, I am working as a researcher in Venlo and I am living in Eindhoven. I am a social person with a profound interest in different cultures and perspectives of people. With the platform of Eindhoven News, I am hoping to broaden my social circle and to get more inside of this beautiful city and people living here.