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Monday, November 18, 2019
Eindhoven News 10 years anniversary

Dordrecht citizen arrested at Eindhoven station

The man arrested at Eindhoven station last night has been identified. The man is a 24-year-old Dordrecht citizen. He was wanted in connection with...
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Ten percent of buildings in Eindhoven not fireproof

Ten percent of buildings in Eindhoven may not be fireproof. This is according to a sample taken by Jos Lichtenberg, a retired professor of...

Pro and anti Zwarte Piet protests at Sinterklaas parade

Supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet will get their own spots to demonstrate on Saturday, at Sinterklaas' arrival in Eindhoven. The Kick Out Zwarte Piet...
EIndhoven housing

‘Thousands of students may end up on the street’

There is dissatisfaction among students and landlords in Eindhoven with the new rules on room rental and shared housing in the city.  The Eindhoven City...

No. of free visits to the dump may be limited

Eindhoven residents may have to pay if they go to the garbage dump too often. The first 12 visits of the year will be...
Eindhoven police

Eindhoven to combat young criminals

The Municipality of Eindhoven is trying to combat street crime, robberies, and burglaries. These are mostly committed by young perpetrators.  There is a national campaign...
pilot with body cams in Eindhoven, CDA Proposal, Safety for law officers.

Officers to test bodycams

Special investigating officers (B.O.A.s) in Eindhoven will soon test our bodycams. The Municipal Executive will work out the plans for a test run. This is...
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Trump awards dog from Best with hero’s medal

A military dog named Conan will receive a hero’s welcome at the White House next week. Conan was involved in the US operation to...
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Farmers gather in Den Bosch

Hundreds of farmers have gathered in Den Bosch. want to make their voices heard in the debate on agricultural policy being formulated in the...
Gemeente Eindhoven, Strijp-S

‘Chinese Pavilion’ build can begin

The construction of the Chinees Paviljoen (Chinese Pavilion) in Strijp-S will start soon. On Tuesday evening, Eindhoven's politicians agreed to make more than EUR 1,8...

Mayor says expats are sorely needed and most welcome

For the last six months, the Eindhoven Municipality has been gathering so-called deep data about internationals living in this city. This is according to...

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