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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Italian? Your kids can come enjoy a story at the library

Are your children Italian or do they understand the language? Then Eindhoven Library and the Eindhoven Italian School invite them to come to Raccontastorie...
Zwarte Piet to go, from 2020, change in tradition.

No more Zwarte Piet soon

From next year, only soot-faced 'Piets' will be part of the Sinterklaas parade in Eindhoven. This was announced in a letter from the organisers. It...
Tata Steel Chess in Eindhoven, Top players, Carlsen, Anish Giri.

Top chess players to attend Chess Championship

The two best chess players in the world, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, will be present at the Tata Steel Chess in the Philips...
elderly people collecting gifts, for children, Vitalis, In Eindhoven.

Old folks collect toys for poor kids

The elderly residents at Vitalis collected toys for disadvantaged children today. "The fact that these elderly people are sitting here is really heartwarming for me. It...
Zwarte Piet celebrations and criticisms, In Eindhoven, extra sunday shopping, demonstrations

Joy and criticism for Pieten Parade

The Zwarte Piet parade in Eindhoven centrum was a lot of fun, but there it was also criticised. With their dancing and singing the Pieten...
Children painting desolated house, Project by Trudo, Houses are looking brighter

Kids brighten up deserted streets

All those streets with abandoned and plastered houses paint a bleak picture. The residents of the Eindhoven neighbourhood of Woensel-West were utterly done with...

Pool to close for maintenance

Everyone likes a well-maintained, clean swimming pool. So, every year, the Ottenbad pool closes its recreational pool for a few days for precisely this...
TU/e, biofuel, EU, grant

Child prodigy leaves TU/e, will now study in the US

Laurent Simons has recently made headlines across the world. This nine-year-old Belgian boy's hopes of obtaining his Bachelor's degree from the Eindhoven University of...
New game room in Strip, Two euros for an hour, Tolga Ekenci owner of the game room

Gameroom 040 brings gamers together

A new gaming venue called Gameroom 040, has been opened in Strijp. People can play games here, watch films and chill out. For €2, gamers...

Autistic people wait longer for help here

Average waiting times for people with autism to receive proper care are longer in Southeast Brabant than in the rest of the Netherlands. This...

How bilingual children’s languages influence each other

Living in a modern globalised world, we face many challenges and try to get solutions.  On that note, we wonder how bilingual children's languages...

Raising trilingual children

Park Hilaria, fair, crowd

Park Hilaria to return