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URE turns 15, to reveal new racing car

On Friday, 1 June, the 'Brainport Eindhoven Racing Day' will be held. It will be hosted by University Racing Eindhoven (URE). The URE hopes to...

Bustling beer activities in Brabant

Throughout the whole of Noord-Brabant, catering establishments and breweries, among others, organize many beer activities during the Week of the Dutch Beer. From Thursday May...

India festival in city centre on Saturday

The India Festival will take place in Eindhoven city centre on Saturday 26 May. The festival will feature stalls selling Indian clothing and snacks, as...

New Community Platform

Eindhoven News is committed to really connect international to local and therefore are we using a new events platform called OUTtogether. Through this platform it is easy...

New meeting point Eindhoven News: at Student Hotel Eindhoven

The Student Hotel Eindhoven will be a place where you can meet Eindhoven News. Last week they have reached an agreement, so weekly on...

Band celebrates its 40th anniversary

The Wilhelminafanfare is having a celebration this weekend. The Eindhoven orchestra has existed for 40 years. The brass band started out as a Café Wilhelminaś...


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