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Friday, December 9, 2022

Logo Land: A thrilling ride along the Dutch Municipalities

'God created the world, but the Dutch created Netherlands'. Now Amit Biswas has created a masterpiece that tells the story of every single Dutch...
Eindhoven's new christmas parcel tower

No skating rink in the city this year: tall present tower instead

Anyone who has looked around the 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven has probably noticed something. This week, a real present tower has been erected. With...

Sinterklaas spreads the festive spirit

After Eindhoven welcomed Sinterklaas on Saturday, it was the turn of the adjoining towns (Nuenen, Geldrop, Mierlo and Waalre). Together with his attendants, he...
Dutch Design Week, DDW19, Biobase

DDW attracts 350,000 visitors: ‘New generation of designers has risen’

Dutch Design Week(DDW) has attracted as many visitors over the past nine days as before the corona pandemic. In total, around 350,000 came to...
Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week attracts global attention

Eindhoven is in the spotlights this week, now that the Dutch Design Week has started again. The event not only attracts a lot of...

Eindhoven cultural sector begs for extra money: ‘It squeeks and it creaks’

The Eindhoven municipality needs to come up with extra money for the cultural institutions in the city soon. This budget is necessary to be...