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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Students still making do

Digital lectures, fewer practical subjects, and a lack of social contact. Many students have had enough of the making do they've had to endure...
Doctors call upon to wear face masks

Brabant hospitals and doctors call patients to wear face masks

Brabant hospitals, general practitioners, GGD and the GGZ jointly call on their patients and visitors to wear a face mask. The Regional Consultation Acute...

How do they fight back COVID-19?

There are still many unknown questions about Coronavirus. Especially about the remedy for the patients. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 80...

Record number of corona infections

The number of new corona infections has increased significantly in the past week. Nearly 30,000 new cases have been registered in the province, an increase...
Market, Eindhoven

Vendors irate about non-food ban

At the Eindhoven markets, only food stands are welcome due to the anti-COID-19 restrictions. On Tuesday, eight political parties submitted a motion to allow more...
Turkish community - Guluren Kilincarslan

Translator Guleren: ‘When it comes to worries, we don’t differ much from each other’

At the time of the corona crisis, there is a lot of information and news. However, many Dutch people with a foreign background and...
Events cancelled in Eindhoven

Many festivals cancelled this season in Eindhoven

Due to the extended anti-corona measures, no events shall be held until 1 September. This has badly hit party and festival plans for this...
Two cancer patients vaccinated out of good intentions

Two cancer patients vaccinated out of ‘good intentions’

Employees of the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost vaccinated two cancer patients last week in Eindhoven. But they should not have been vaccinated. It concerns a 78-year-old man...
Tests, health, covid-19

‘Healthcare sector well-equipped to deal with the situation’

According to the Dutch Minister of Healthcare, Bruno Bruins, healthcare institutions in the Netherlands are able to deal with the coronavirus situation very well...
Eindhoven city centre - Demer

Future of the Brainport shopping centres under investigation

The future of shopping centres in municipalities of South-East Brabant is the topic of a new large-scale investigation. The number of empty retail spaces in...