MGmaker 3D printing and design


for 3D printing

and 3D design service

to private and corporate clients


MGmaker contributes to the local community by allowing anybody to have their ideas realised by means of 3D printing, in an effortless and affordable way.  From your own design, be it scribbled on a bit of paper, or your own CAD design, to something that you saw on the internet.

MGmaker aims to bring the benefits of additive manufacturing into the reach of anybody in the community.

Marno Gagiano is the owner and operator of MGmaker.

He was born and raised in South Africa, and he relocated to the Netherlands in 2016 after accepting an offer of employment at a soil mechanics laboratory near Rotterdam.

While working in Rotterdam, he lived in Breda, and he immediately felt at home in Noord-Brabant.  The people in Brabant are some of the friendliest people that he has met, he says.  From Breda he moved to Geldrop (neighbouring Eindhoven) at the end of February 2018.  He prefers the feel of smaller towns to big cities, which according to him Geldrop offers, along with the convenience of having a major city like Eindhoven practically a stone’s throw away.

He always had a keen interest in mechanical design, and 3D printing afforded him the opportunity to bring his designs to reality in a much more affordable way than conventional machining operations.  Being a tinkerer, during his spare time, he built his own 3D printer, which lead him to realise that although 3D printers aimed at personal use are not severely expensive (excluding large industrial 3D printers of course), they are not cheap either. Add to that, the time that one has to spend on fine tuning a machine, together with the near innumerable software settings that can be adjusted to achieve high quality prints, it makes the idea of 3D printing quite daunting.  Especially if you only wanted to 3D print that one item, that replacement part for your drone, or a mount on your bicycle for your new phone…

And so, in 2017 he upgraded his hobby to his business, providing a 3D printing and design service, which he has been undertaking full-time after moving to Geldrop in early 2018.


Here you can learn more about MGmaker, or follow him via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.




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