We Are Gearing Up – What is Cooking? … More Food Options

The Eindhoven News team is busy getting all the preparations ready for the grand event on 21 September.  A sneak peak into four of the international food vendors who will be at the event..

Lekker India is Eindhoven’s best known Indian restaurant built on quality, authenticity and the widest variety of Indian cuisine. One of the largest Indian restaurants and caterers in the Netherlands. With over a 1000 happy customers, Lekker India provides the best and authentic tastes of India in the Netherlands. Lekker India’s unique food festivals and cultural events introduce India to Europe. The Dutch and the expats get a taste of Indian culture and cuisine while the Indians can expect the unique taste of their home.

Turkish Tale celebrates Turkish cuisine in Eindhoven. The brainchild of Hale, who moved to Eindhoven in 2016 from Turkey. She  wants to share the diversity of Turkish cuisine with a wider audience. Precious family recipes and mouthwatering cuisine prove that Turkish food is not just about kebabs. Turkish Tale is a must try for authentic food that is hard to find in Eindhoven. Hale’s weekly homemade take away menus, private and corporate caterings and Turkish food workshops are a not to miss in Eindhoven. Hale moved to Eindhoven for love and has started Turkish Tale which is loved by Eindhoven.

NuMa Kitchen is a unique and must try food vendor who will be at the tenth anniversary event. The owner is Nusrat Malik who is a biologist with a passion for cooking. She moved from Pakistan with her family and started NuMa Kitchen where one can experience the love and flair for cooking of a biologist. What you get is awesome international cuisine that is mouth watering yet healthy! For Nusrat, food is medicine. She studies the health effects of each herb and spice that she intends to use and formulates mixes that complement each other to give the best nutritional value. At NuMa Kitchen, you get to taste unique dishes and tastes made of organic and fresh produce and Nusrat’s own spice mix. Now, isn’t this one food stall to absolutely try out?

ChocoPaty is the perfect answer to a sweet lover’s cravings. It is started by Paty Stefani Feliano who is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She derives her inspiration from her grandmother whom she used to watch from a very young age. Her passion started those days when she used to assist her grandmother in making beautiful sweets. What started with a little cake kept blossoming as a dream to start her own venture that would keep Paty and her customers happy and fulfilled. You do taste this dedication and love in all the sweet treats at ChocoPaty. She makes unique and custom cake decoration for every single customer and has never repeated a design till date!! The Eindhoven News Team is amazed by her energy and enthusiasm and equally by the list of delicacies Paty has planned for the event.

Good food is the basis for true happiness‘ Auguste Escoffier. And that is exactly what you get at Doke’s Comfort Kitchen. This venture started from Doke’s experience having lived and travelled all around the world. Friends, family and the people she met during these travels have inspired her to passionately try out cooking and baking. Visit the stall at the anniversary event and you get to experience the love she puts into her creations. With such tasty food to savour, is true happiness far away?

See you on 21st September in the Hub on Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven.

Just walk in on the day of the event and we are there to welcome you!

The organising team of Eindhoven News



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