Returning Events

600_453464276Every Friday at The Hub – Let’s have a drink and a chat!
The bar is open from 17:00 till 00:00. The perfect moment to meet new people, get to know the Hub and of course to enjoy cold drinks and free hot dogs. How does that work? Well, you simply order two of your favorite drinks (any drinks!) and you’ll get a hot dog with toppings of your choice, for free!

The Hub opens at 17:00, hot dogs are served until 20:00 and the bar stays open until midnight. What better way to start your weekend?

Always check their website for up to date info.


Every last Friday of the month there are free drinks at the Evoluon.

The drinks are provided by the restaurant of the Evoluon. When the weather is good you are of course welcome to the terrace!

During these monthly drink you  will see something surprising, from oysterman to sushi, from wine to gin tonicbar. A DJ provides the musical accompaniment of WeekendHoven. The monthly get-together starts at 16:30, every last Friday of the month.

Always check their website for up to date info.


 French discussion group on Mondays at Carrousel (Markt 35).carrousel-french-discussion-group-carrousel

A French Discussion Group will be organised every week on Monday with a native speaker for people who already speak French and want to maintain or improve their level. There is a pool of French people who will take care of the sessions. Maximum number of people is 10 per session, in order to enable everybody to take part to the discussion.

The session will start at 19.45 and will last till about 21.00 depending, of course, on the liveliness of the discussion.

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Social dining group Eindhoven (biweekly Thursday and Friday). expat-dinner

This is a dining group for everyone that lives in the Eindhoven area and loves to have dinner in nice restaurants to meet new people! There is a dinner biweekly Thursday and Friday at different places in Eindhoven and area. A lot of energy is put in finding great restaurants and building a good relationship with them. In case you can’t join please let the group know 48 hours in advance.

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Monday running for all levels!

If you like running and feel like going for a run with a group you can do so every monday. The run starts at 19.00 and ends around 20.00. The group meets at the main entrance of the van Arunners-group-van-abbe-runners-groupbbemuseum at the Bilderdijklaan 10.

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Meet up and dance like the Irish do.

This is your opportunity to try and do the steps that many have watched in Lord of the Dance and Riverdance. All ages are welcome as well as all levels of experience and fitness. The class is held on a weekly basis on Friday and starts at 18.00 at Wijkcentrum Unitas at the Vlokhovense weg 49.

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Pub crawl every first Saturday of the month!

Every first Saturday of the month you have the change to meet some new people while also get to know all the cool places to hang out and have a drink in Eindhoven. The group meets at 21.00 at the Hub and after a couple of bars end the night at a dance bar where everyone can dance the night away!

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It’s never too late to learn how to swim!

Would it not be great to really jump in a pool or sea rather than just watching others having fun? Swimming school Your Personal Swim Coach will help you! The classes are tailor-made and for adults only. Classes take 45 minutes, are given in English and take place every Saturday at 09.15 at the Park Plaza Hotel at the Gelderopseweg 17.

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For all the sporty people out there: bootcamp every Sunday!

Start your Sunday right with a bootcamp at the beautiful area of de Malpie. This is an all levels class which starts at 10.00 at the Hoeveijs, Luikerweg 134, in Valkenswaard. Great way to cure that hangover from Saturday’s pub crawl 😉

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Every Thursday International Quiz Night at Carrousel!

The #42 International Quiz Night is a fun weekly event, hosted in English, with questions about everything from London to Beijing and from Beethoven to Lady Gaga.
It has become a well known activity in Eindhoven, with players from all over the world joining in on the fun. Every week over 100 quizzers compete for some great sponsored prizes.
You can bring your own team (2-5 people) or just come in alone, so we can match you up with a carrousel-quiz-carrouselfun team!
Dinner in advance? Not a problem! Choose from the regular Carrousel menu, or visit restaurant First Floor.

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English as 2nd language discussion group! 

Would you like to improve your English speaking skills? Maybe you might like becoming more fluent or confident in speaking or it could be you would like to expand your vocabulary? There is only one way, practice! And there is no cheaper or funner place to come than here!

Our Discussion group regularly meets at the Hub to discuss current events, travels, and experiences. We also take part in exercises to help you along with learning. It’s fun, enlightening and generally a good experience.

Please RSVP so they know know who’s joining!

For more information and to RSVP go to:








Argentine Tango: Dance Cafe

The Tango café is an excellent way to practise and bring to practice the steps you’ve already learned.  During this event, you’ll really get a feeling for this dance. Novice and experience regional dancers will be there and everybody dances together. A friendly atmosphere,  something like a club café.

Tango café takes place every friday at dancehall Scala at the Kanaalstraat 6 from 21.00 till 00.30 and entrance it 3 euros.











Blues Dancing Night!

On the 2nd Friday of every month you can learn some Blues Dancing with Ron & Ally, come together for the love of movement and music! Dancing lesson starts at 7:00PM and after we will provide blues music for social dancing until 10:30PM. If you never did any dance before, this is also a great opportunity to start.

The class is 5 euros per person. For more information check out the meetup page: 






Boiler Brunch at Ketelhuis!

This winter Ketelhuis will provide a culinary and leisurely brunch every sunday. Next to great food music will also play a big part of these brunches. So curl up by the fire or play some boardgames with your friends while enjoying a great meal and tunes.ketelhuis-brunch-ketelhuis

For more information and reservations for larger groups please contact or make a reservation via:






Urban Trail 040

Every two weeks on Wednesday you have the chance to come together at the Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven for a nice social jog/run through some of the nice spots Eindhoven has to offer. The pace will be adjusted to the group so no worries if you are not an advanced runner! After the run you’ll grab a complimentary beer together and have the  chance to get to know new people. The run starts at 20.00 and will last till 21.30.